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Hospice Care Continues During COVID-19

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The end of a loved one’s life is a difficult time under any circumstances, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made things even more challenging for families as well as those providing hospice care. COVID-19 has changed all parts of health care, both in the treatment of people who have the virus and protections to keep people from catching it. The infectious nature of the virus increased the need for people from high-risk groups in particular to be able to access health care from their homes.

Requirements for protective equipment and restrictions on visits to medical facilities and nursing homes, put in place to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, have complicated end-of-life care and the ability of family members to spend time with loved ones during their final days. These changes have affected all people impacted by COVID-19 as well as others in need of hospice care.

Hospice care was already focused on allowing people to stay in their homes to receive care, but the pandemic required caregivers to adjust their normal practices. Like other parts of health care, hospice care has made greater use of personal protective equipment and telemedicine.

Moving a loved one into hospice care is never an easy choice however, if eligible, hospice will give your loved one an added layer of care. With Anew Hospice, our RN Case Manager, Home Health Aide, Chaplain and Social Worker will visit and assist with needs, in addition to what is currently being provided.  Anew Hospice employees are pre-screened each morning by taking their temperature, COVID-19 testing two times per week and will be receiving the vaccine. We are also providing window visits, face time, in-person visits if appropriate and coordinated with the community telephone calls and telehealth visits.

Gerald Wilzbacher came to Anew Hospice in the very heat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Janet Wilzbacher, wife to Gerald, shared that ever since Anew Hospice has been assisting with Gerald’s care, they feel as though the family now has a team of advocates for both their loved one and themselves.

Janet says, “there is now a humanitarian piece to my husband’s care.  I can finally talk about his overall well-being without being judged and I find peace and solace in talking with professionals at Anew. The care he has received is something that brings me comfort and peace to my mind and heart. I know that we are not walking alone.”

Anew recognizes that these times are extremely hard on the families, we offer bereavement services to the family for 13 months after your loved one’s passing.

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